Become the face of beauty of your people!

Dear ladies who want to participate in the project "The Ethnic Origins of Beauty" (Les origines de la beaute)!

You should send us by mail a request for participation with the following information:
1) your full name;
2) your age;
3) tel.number / Facebook / Instagram;
4) the city of your permanent residence;
5) your ethnic origins up to your grand-grand-parents;
6) the native land (regions / provinces or towns / villages ) of your parents and grandparents ;
7) 2-3 photos of your natural face (no make-up, no retouche, no filters) in front, with neutral expression and no smile;
8) one minute video-presentation (in English, French or Russian) about you, why you want to participate in the project and which people (ethnic group) to present. Here is an example: 

Our mail:

We are based in Paris, but we travel all over the world, where the candidates to participate are waiting our shooting-team.

Here are our criterias for participation:
- age: 18-35
- natural beauty face
- belonging to one ethnic group for at least 3 generations
- awareness of personal ethnic origins, knowledge of the culture and traditions of your people

Deadlines: you can still submit your application as long as your ethnic group is not  yet presented on our YouTube channel in a separate full episode.