Natalia Ivanova is a Russian photographer and photojournalist. She graduated from MGIMO (Moscow State University of International Relations) and SPEOS Paris Professional Photography Institute (specialization photojournalism). Since 2009 Natalia Ivanova has lived and worked in Paris. Since 2012 she is a special photo-correspondent in France for Russian news agency ITAR-TASS.

In her photography life, Natalia Ivanova enjoys a wide range of directions. As a press photographer she collaborates with Russian and international media, with television channels such as ROSSIYA 1, TNT and various others. She has taken part in a variety of TV projects ranging from entertainment (“The Bachelor”, “Russia’s next Top Model” with Irina Shayk etc.) to historical and documentary (such as the project about the Russian Expeditionary Force in France from 1916-1918 for the channel ROSSIYA 1) among others. Artistic photography plays an important part in her life as well as photojournalism. In November 2010, Natalia Ivanova debuted with her art photography work at the Pierre Cardin Theatre during the premiere of the documentary film “Images of women or the social corset” (Images de femmes ou le corset social) by the French film-director Jean-François Ferrillon. Natalia presented her own photointerpretation of the documentary’s theme, which was used as a poster for the film. Since then, much of her work has dealt with both documentary and artistic subjects.

Today Natalia is focusing on an original project called « The Ethnic Origins of Beauty » where in her own words, she realises herself fully as an art photographer, a journalist and a human. The scale and seriousness of the project risk turning it into a creation of her whole life, but this doesn’t frighten her, because Natalia thinks it is an important to realise and to get across to people the idea of interethnic equality and tolerance, no matter how much time and effort it might take.