The Hazaras (Persian: هزاره, romanized: Hazāra; Hazaragi: آزره, romanized: Āzra) are an ethnic group native to and primarily residing in the Hazaristan (Hazarajat) region in central Afghanistan and generally scattered throughout Afghanistan. They are one of the largest ethnic groups in Afghanistan, and are also significant minority groups in neighboring Pakistan, mostly in Quetta, and as well as in Iran. They speak the #Hazaragi dialect of Persian, which is mutually intelligible with Dari, one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.
Despite being one of the principal population elements of Afghanistan, the origins of the Hazara people have not been fully reconstructed. Genetic and linguistic analysis show that Hazaras are a racially mixed group with Hazaras having varying degrees of Mongolic,Turkic and Iranic ancestry.
Hazaras predominantly practice Islam, mostly the Shi'a, with significant Sunni, some Isma'ili and Non-denominational Muslim minorities.
Hazaras are considered to be a persecuted group in Afghanistan, and their persecution has occurred various times across previous decades.
Total population: about 8 millions
 Hazara (Jaghori tribe)
 HAZARA (Jaghori tribe)