The Haitians are a people of the Caribbean, the main population of the Republic of Haiti comprises the western part of the island of Haiti Group of the Greater Antilles. In anthropological terms - 90% Negroid, mulattoes others.
The Africans of West Africa were imported by the French to work in the plantations. As part of the national liberation struggle (1791-1804) most whites fled the island, some were killed. Haiti - the first country in the Caribbean and Latin America gained its independence (1804).
Formally they are Christian believers from different directions. There are Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Adventists 7 days. In fact, the voodoo of African descent is still very popular.
Language - Haitian Creole, which is Creole, developed on the basis of the French.

Total population: 7.2 million