The Dinka people (Dinka: Jiɛ̈ɛ̈ŋ) are a Nilotic ethnic group , a people of herders-farmers native to South Sudan, but also having a sizable diaspora population. They mostly live along the Nile, from Mangalla to Renk, in regions of Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile (former two of three Southern Provinces in Sudan) and Abyei Area of the Ngok Dinka in South Sudan.
Dinka are considered as one of the highest people of Africa and the world: the average height of men (according to various estimates) is 185-190 cm (and women 175-180 cm).
The Dinka people have no centralised political authority, instead comprising many independent but interlinked clans.
Their language, called Dinka or "Thuɔŋjäŋ" (Thoŋ ë Muɔnyjäŋ), is one of the Nilotic languages of the eastern Sudanic language family. The name means "people" in the Dinka language. It is written using the Latin alphabet wit a few additions.
The Dinkas' herders lifestyle is reflected in their religious beliefs and practices. Most revere one God, Nhialic, who speaks through spirits that take temporary possession of individuals in order to speak through them. A part of Dinka people are Sunni Muslims or Christians, mostly Catholics.

Total population: about 4,6 million
 DINKA (Rek)
 DINKA (Malual)
 DINKA (Bor)
 DINKA (Bor)